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The Peasant Girl by HGWells1866 The Peasant Girl by HGWells1866

Ever since the disappearance of her best friend Alexandria, the young Marie was devastated. Born into a family of drunkards and beggars, the peasant girl usually took shelter from her abusive father under Alexandria's large and opulent roof. There in the estate, the noble and the peasant grew close, chasing deer in the fields by day and sharing their deepest secrets by night. Practically inseparable, Alexandria and Marie's friendship became a well-known and welcome sight in the village. Now alone and with no family turn to, Marie, decided to take up the search for her beloved friend.

After deducing that Alexandria was headed to Perdu Manor on the eve of her disappearance, Marie carefully followed in her footsteps. As she approached the decrepit mansion, her heart thumped against her chest. Taking one deep breath, Marie pushed open the rusted gates and walked through the ironclad front door.

"Hello?" Marie called to the emptiness of the manor, "Is anyone here? I'm looking for a friend of mine, I heard she was headed here and I - "

"Why hello there, dearie, I didn't hear you knock." An elegant-looking woman said as she stepped from a side room.

"Oh, uh... I'm sorry, I didn't knock." 

"Now, now, how rude. Didn't your mother ever teach you proper manners?"

"I - I'm sorry!" Marie stuttered, terrified by the powerful woman who seemed to command the room's attention by here presence alone. Dissatisfied by Marie's answers, the woman stepped closer to the peasant girl, who, out of desperation, blurted, "My mother couldn't teach me proper manners because she passed upon my birth."

The woman stopped, "And your father?"

"The village fool."

"Ah, I see." The woman said, a slight shift in her voice. Taking calculating steps around Marie, the woman inspected the peasant girl. "Well I guess I will have to be the one to teach you some manners!"

Before Marie had time to react, she felt the press of a cloth against her nose, and a strange chemical smell seeping from it. Within seconds, she was unconcious.

Hours later, Marie awoke in one of the manor's many bedchambers. Dizzied by her forced sleep, the girl sat up on the gentle fabric of the bed. Strangely, she seemed to be unreasonably warm for the temperature inside the building. And her body felt somewhat... off-key. Suddenly, footsteps resonated throughout the fall, creeping closer to the bedchamber. The room's heavy wooden door slowly creaked open.

"Marie?" A familiar voice cooed.

"Alexandria?" Marie said, nearly too stunned to speak. Her friend, stood before her, smiled in her usual ditzy way. But she was changed. "Alexandria! Yo - Your ears! And your face! You look like - "

"A dog? Yes, Marie I know... I am the faithful lap dog the Madame..." A saddened look crossed over Alexandria's canine face, "Oh, Marie, I wish you wouldn't have come here. I was foolish, Marie. I didn't want any of this to happen."

"But I found you! We can return to Perdu Village now!"

"I wish it were that simple... Marie, she... The Madam of Perdu Manor... When you step foot on her property..." Alexandria struggled with her words, her throat drying up.

"Alexandria...?" Marie said as a sudden fear washed over her. Alexandria slowly removed a small hand mirror from her coat. "No..."

As Alexandria reluctantly brought the mirror up to her face, Marie sat in shock. "On the bright side Marie... You always did like deer."


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