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"Ayyye look who's finally up an at 'em," said a well-dressed man sitting in the corner, "Looks like you're finally awake."

"MMMMGH!!!" the gagged woman attempted to scream. It was no use. She frantically shook her restraints, trying desperately to glimpse her body or captor - to no avail. As terror shot through her veins, the man spoke once more.

"Hey hey now, dollface, no need to get your knickers in a twist, this is all just business," he chortled, teeth clenched down on a half-smoked cigar, "You see, we may not be the most upstanding of citizens, but we've still got rules and codes and the likes. You know what I'm saying?"


"I guess not, huh? Well let me make this shit crystal clear, capiche? In our business, we don't harm each other's family. Period. Not a hair on their pretty little heads is to be touched by anyone. It's our creed."

"UMMGH!!!" the woman bucked against the cold metal of the table, suddenly aware that she was still wearing that teeny cocktail dress from a party the night before. How did she end up here though? She could've sworn she made it back home that night... Or did she?

"So, knowing that creed, do you know what your husband did?"


"Yeah, that's right. He sliced the ankles of my boss' favorite racehorse so badly we had to put her down. Poor Windrunner. Y'know, my boss might not seem like the most compassionate man, but he raised and trained that horse from birth. Treated her better than us goons half the time as well. Spent most of the money he made these past few years on a nice stable for her, out in the countryside where she could run like she was wild. To my boss, Windrunner... was family."

"MMMNNGH!!!" the woman screamed, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"So, my boss went to your husband's family, and they came to a consensus - he was outta line, and as punishment, should lose a member of his family too. So we... picked you up from a party last night, and they've been operating on you ever since!"


"Ah shit," the man chuckled, tapping a few ashes from his cigar, "Looks like I've spoiled the surprise, haven't I? Here, see for yourself, dollface..." Casually, he tapped a pedal connected to the table, causing the room to be filled with sounds of whirring machinery. As the lights brightened, the woman's head was elevated to the point where she could see...

"MNNNNNGGHH!!! MMMH!!! HNNGH?!?" she slammed herself against her bindings, terrified of what she saw before her. Her upper legs were covered in a silky black fur, and between her legs swished a considerably large tail. She bawled and screamed through her gag, but like before, there was nothing that could be done. After another twenty minutes of hysterics, there was suddenly a knock at the door. Her captor, obviously confused by the interruption, quietly stepped out of the room. Her equine ears twitched, desperately hoping to piece together their conversation, but the buildings thick walls muffled their conversation. That is, until, the man's distinct voice rang out once more -

"What do you mean this isn't the right girl?!"
Tatomitsu Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016
Love the scenario!
HGWells1866 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016
Thank you!!
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September 15, 2016
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