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Party on the Lake by HGWells1866 Party on the Lake by HGWells1866
Anna suddenly jolted up as the school bell shook the classroom. She'd fallen asleep in chemistry again - the third time this week. Thankfully the week was just a few more periods away from being over. Groggily, she shuffled her notebook into her backpack and flung it over her shoulder. Before she could make her way to the door, however, she felt a slight tapping on her shoulder. She whirled around to find her good friend Phoebe grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Hey Anna!" she said in her usual chipper tone.

"Hey Phoebe. How's it going?" Anna said, still waking up from impromptu nap.

"Oh pretty good! I was just going around giving out these invitations - " Phoebe quickly shoved a small envelope into Anna's open hand, " - and I hope you'll be able to attend! I'd be real heartbroken if you didn't show!"

"Oh uh..." Anna blushed, "Of course I'll be able to make it! I'll see you there!" She looked down at the envelope as Phoebe skipped away. "Espíritu Lake huh? This is gonna be one hell of a weekend."

The next day, Anna drove up to the small wooden cabin in her sleek convertible, alcohol in tow. She swerved into the empty lot and blasted the horn until she saw Phoebe step out onto the front porch shaking her fist.

"Yo Phoebe!" Anna shouted over the heavy bass of whatever song was on the radio, "I brought the booze!"

The next few hours were a blur. Anna woke up on the living room couch, beats of sweat sliding down the side of her face. She looked down at herself and flinched in shock. 

"Is this... Phoebe's shirt?" Anna whispered to herself, quickly shuffling into the cabin's bathroom, "Oh my god, did we - " Anna cut herself off, admiring the faint pink lipstick stain on her neck. "Let me think. Let me think... We couldn't find anything on the TV... So we decided to play some party games... Ugh I can't remember anything after that!" Frustrated, Anna rinsed off her hands in the sink and splashed the surprisingly warm water onto her face. She returned her gaze to the mirror and shrieked.

Her nose twitched as it reshaped and discolored. Leaning in closer to the mirror, she shook her new nose back and forth, almost transfixed. "It's like... a rabbit."

"You're right!" Phoebe's voice chimed in from the hall. "I'm not surprised. I always did like bunnies!"

"What do you mean by that...?" Anna cautiously asked, as her friend leaned up against the bathroom's enterence.

"What do you think?" she winked.

Anna felt a strange sensation and looked into the mirror as her ears stretched outward into the ears of a rabbit. "Oh god. Oh god!" Her hands were next, and she watched as pawpads formed on her palms. "No! No please! Phoebe stop this!"

"Aww..." Phoebe sarcastically frowned as a small bunny tail emerged from underneath Anna's dress, "This party's only just begun!"


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Oh, you pretty bunny girl. I have some lovely dandelions here for you; why don't you come curl up in my arms while I soothe and stroke the fear away. Let me kiss your lips and stroke your tail. Hey, maybe if we make pretty bunny babies, you can still be half human, half anthro-goddess!
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