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One Small Favor by HGWells1866 One Small Favor by HGWells1866
Alana's lip quivered. Her eyes darted around the classroom. A miniscule bead of sweat ran down the side of her face. Never before had a teacher asked her to stay after class. She was a good student, and always strived to blend into the background - never on the bad side of her teachers or peers alike. This was unprecedented.

As the bell droned in the background and students rushed from the room, she nervously stood and walked towards the teacher's desk.

"H-Hello, Mr. Greene? You wanted to see me after class?" Alana stuttered.

"Ah yes, I was going to ask if you could do me a favor over Thanksgiving break." He said, shuffling a few ungraded tests laying on his desk. A massive rush of relief washed over the usually collected girl. "However," Mr. Greene paused, "You'd have to keep it between us. I can boost your grade or give you a few extra dollars to do it. It's just - I really need this favor, and I trust you."

Not wanting to upset her teacher, Alana nodded, "I'll do it for free."

Mr. Greene cracked a sly smile, "I knew I could count on you." Quickly he began scribbling his address and phone number on the back of a hall pass, "This Thanksgiving, my ex-wife is bringing our kids back to my place. I was planning on winning them over by buying them the rottweiler they always wanted. The problem is - I'm a bit short on cash."

"Okay... How do I fit into all of this?" Alana said, a tinge of curiosity beneath her caution.

"It's simple really. I'll just give you some Animalis before they arrive, and according to the lady that gave it to me, it should transform you into a dog. A rottwieler, in fact. Do you get what I'm implying?"

This was all too much for Alana. Doing drugs for bonus points and cash? All to settle some petty marital dispute? She couldn't believe her ears.

"If you need some time to think about it, you have till the end of the day -"

"You want me to pretend to be your pet?" Alana said, with a clear lump in her throat. What was she getting herself into?

"No, Alana." Mr. Greene said darkly, "I need you to BE my pet. I need you to bark at cars. I need you to play fetch. To eat out of a doggie bowl. To go on long walks with us. To pant. To howl. To beg. I need you need to convince my wife and kids that you're the dog they've always wanted. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, I can."

"Good then, we have a deal." Mr. Greene said, extending his hand to seal the deal with a handshake, "When my wife takes the kids home on Sunday, I'll lay off on the Animalis and let you transition back. I should have enough money to buy a real dog by the next time they visit. Thank you very much for this, by the way."

"It's no problem! Really!" Alana said, grabbing her backpack off the floor and receiving the address from Mr. Greene, "Anything for my favorite teacher!"

"Alright then!" Mr. Greene called as Alana began leaving the room, "I'll see you at 8 o'clock Wednesday night!"

"I'll be there!" Alana said, closing the door to the classroom. Mr. Greene smiled to himself, removing approximately two months' worth of Animalis from his desk drawer. Oh she'd be there alright. She'd be there longer than she could possibly imagine.


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November 24, 2014
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