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Fulfilling the Deal by HGWells1866 Fulfilling the Deal by HGWells1866

Melinda had just scored the deal of a lifetime. After months of negotiations, she finally convinced an elderly spinster to sell her property. Now that she was gone, Melinda's company could begin the construction of a brand-new shopping mall. There was only one catch - Melinda had to give her one cow to compensate for the lost land.

"That's a bit of a strange request." Melinda said, stepping back from the computer, "What a loony old hag. When the boss hears about this she's going to give me a promotion for sure!"

Exuberant at her good fortune, Melinda continued about her work, not noticing as the tips of her ears elongated and sprouted tiny black hairs. Suddenly feeling bloated, the businesswoman looked down at her stomach and shrieked as it swelled and expanded beneath her skirt. Terrified, she looked under the fabric to find a throbbing pink organ she immediately identified as... an udder. Her heart sinking into her stomach, Melinda reopened the email sent from the old spinster. As her black spots formed across her skin, the woman searched for an answer in the agreement. Suddenly, she found it.

"Oh my god! How didn't I notice this! The deal didn't say I needed to BUY a cow, it said I needed to BE a cow! There's got to be a way to reverse the deal! This can't happen to m-MOOOOOOOO! MOOOOO!? MOOOOOOOOOO!"

As Melinda's voice gave way to the bellows of an animal, she fell to all fours, her bulging udder swinging between her legs. Tears running down her bovine cheek, she would later be led out of the office by her coworkers to fulfill the spinster's deal.


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Degar666 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Fulfilling the deal and filling her udder.
Nice and great. 8)
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July 22, 2014
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