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Months after the unfortunate incident which transformed her into a fumbling donkey, Gabriella was beginning to get accustomed to her new lifestyle. Surprisingly, serving as her former party's pack mule wasn't as bad as she was expecting. Sure, her new position was embarrassing and incredibly degrading, but she still felt at home when they called her name. The only thing that annoyed Gabriella was -

"How's it hanging wide-ass!?" Mimi taunted, slapping Gabriella on her rear before placing her unused arrows into one of her pouches. The mischievous archer chuckled to herself as she selected a seat around the campfire her group had built minutes before.

"Mimi! What did I tell you about teasing her!" shouted Jacopo, the de facto leader of the group.

"I know, I know, you said not to... But it is just so much fun!" Mimi said, glaring downward at the ass. Gabriella's snout twitched as she tried to control her anger. Mimi always was obnoxious, but the fact that Gabriella was forced to be her pet made it ten times worse.

"Why are you always so mean to that poor little donkey?" Tito, the group's replacement warrior asked. The four remaining adventurers' eyes darted across the campfire. Tension mounted upon their lips. Then Mimi broke the silence. As she explained the tragic tale of Gabriella and her transformation, the donkey fumed in anger. As the story progressed, painful memories began to boil up beneath Gabriella's furred skin.

"And that is when I told Jacopo that instead of turning her back, we use her to carry our supplies around!" Mimi giggled, shooting a glance toward Gabriella. "Speaking of which, come here you silly ass! I'm thirsty!" The reluctant donkey agreed, and began the slow, shameful trot towards her.

"Mimi! I know that you and Gabriella may not always have had the best relationship but please refrain from using such vulgar language! We are civilized people!" Jacopo snapped. 

"Calm down Jacopo." Savio the hunter pitched in, "She is just trying to lighten the mood. After our last assignment, I don't blame her. I mean - killing evil alchemists experimenting on kidnapped children isn't exactly the most luxurious of jobs."

"See? Savio gets me!" Mimi chucked to herself while removing a small canteen from Gabriella's pack. She quickly gulped the liquid down and continued with her story, "Anyway, getting that bitch to submit to her new form was pretty difficult until we brought her to Savio's cousin, the breeder. You wouldn't believe how fast she ended up f -"

"Shut up you disgusting bitch!" Gabriella brayed. Shocked, Mimi whirled around on the log she was sitting on, much to the bewilderment of her party.

"Wh-what did you just say to me?" Mimi stuttered.

"Mimi, are you alright?" Jacopo asked, clearly nervous for the mental health of the party archer.

"Mimi, that canteen you drank from..." Viviana nearly whispered. As the most silent and intelligent member of the party, the healer's words commanded the group's attention, "Was that not the same canteen we confiscated from the alchemist for delivery to our client?"

"By the gods, Mimi!" Jacopo shouted, "We don't know what kind of concoction she was designing! What if that alchemist was designing a formula to turn people mad?! Or cause them to combust?! Why must you always be so reckless!?" Mimi remained silently focused on Gabriella. In the darkness, he could see something about her... changing.

"You heard me, bitch. Looks like your idiocy landed you in deep water this time!" Gabriella said, obviously enjoying every second of Mimi's terror.

Mimi took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from her forehead before coolly stating, "I'm fine, everyone. I think the potion simply allows me to interpret the grunts and cries of filthy little animals into language."

"You are going to wish that is all the potion did!" Gabriella snorted. Mimi could tell that she was smiling underneath that snout.

"Mimi, your ears!" Tito shouted.

"What are you talking ab -" Mimi, reaching up towards her head, suddenly felt an unusual swath of fur, "Wha - what is this!?"

"It's exactly what you think it is, Mimi." Gabriella brayed.

A shot of pain suddenly rocketed up Mimi's spine, causing her to fall to the ground on her knees. The sound of shredding fabric echoed through the quiet forest. Reluctantly, Mimi looked over her shoulder. Behind her, a large, fluffy white tail wagged with glee, "No... No!" she shrieked, "This can't happen to me! No! Somebody help me!" The group of adventurers only stared.

"Well doesn't this seem familiar!" Gabriella taunted.

"Viviana, grab your extra herbs from Gabriella's bag. Reasons like this is why we kept her as a donkey in the first place!" Jacopo ordered. However, when Viviana stepped towards Gabriella, the donkey stepped back.

"Please Gabriella... Let them save me!" Mimi panted. Wordlessly, Gabriella stepped back once more. As white fur began to sprout from Mimi's usually dark skin and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, the heroes tried and tried again to coax Gabriella into assisting them, but she would not budge. Soon after, Mimi's hands reshaped into paws, and her nose dampened.

"Have fun fighting monsters with those big furry paws, you bitch!" Gabriella laughed, darting behind a tree to avoid the grasp of Viviana.

"Don't call me that! I'm a human! Not a dog!" Mimi's eyes watered, "Please just stop! Let Viviana get her herbs!"

"I won't be satisfied until you're just a slobbering mutt!" The donkey cackled. Mimi tried to beg Gabriella once more, but all that came from her lips were the barks and howls of a pup. Whimpering, she dared to look down at herself. Her gorgeous body had been completely replaced by that of a dog. Her dainty and delicate hands were now clumsy paws. Her chiseled face was now carved into a muzzle. Her rear now bore a wagging tail. There was nothing more she could do. It was too late.

As soon as day broke, the group returned to town with their animals in tow. While Savio led the resigned Mimi to his estate in order to train her as a hunting dog, Jacopo attempted to smooth things out with their client, a powerful official of the king named Niccolo. Understandably, the aristocrat was infuriated that the alchemist's valuable potion was lost during their journey, and he threatened death upon the group. Eventually, however, Jacopo's sly tongue convinced Niccolo that a deal could be made...


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