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Adventurers by HGWells1866 Adventurers by HGWells1866

Gabriella sighed as she poked a nearby stone with the tip of her sword. It had been an hour and a half since she led her party through the perilous Cavern of Crystal, and she was beginning to grow impatient. "Come on, Jacopo! The Gem of Forests is right there! Let's just take it and leave this damp, disgusting cave already!"

"Patience, Gabriella." The mage calmly retorted, his eyes glued to a small runic inscription on the treasure's pedestal. "We need to be absolutely certain that no curses or hexes are placed on this jewel before we make any attempts to retrieve it."

Gabriella growled, "How long could it possibly take to check for traps! We need to get out of this cavern before nightfall! When the sun sets, the monsters here will only grow stronger, and I do not believe that we are in any condition to fight!" The warrior woman stood up from her seat and approached the mage as the rest of the party look on in shock. "Mimi only has three arrows left in her quiver! Savio is badly injured and Viviana only has enough herbs to keep him conscious for a few more minutes!"

"Gab - Gabriella! Please, calm yourself! The curse may be triggered by negative - "

"There is no god-forsaken curse you blithering idiot!" Gabriella shouted as she pushed Jacopo aside and gripped the Gem of Forests.

"No!" Jacopo shouted, shielding his eyes. A few tense seconds passed before the mage looked up.

"See? I told you there is no curse." Gabriella said, smiling at the sparkling crystal in her hand. "Now let's get out of heeeee-hawwwww!"

Suddenly, Gabriella was overcome by a sudden surge of heat, and collapsed to the floor. Through blurred vision she could make out the faint outline of hairs sprouting from her well-toned arms. Viviana and Jacopo rushed to the warrior's side as she convulsed on the ground.

"Viviana, what's happening!"

"You were right, there was a hex on the gem. There's nothing I can do without more powerful herbs." The healer said in a sullen tone. "Perhaps if we had spent more time stocking up for this journey and less time inspecting traps this would not be as unfortunate."

Suddenly, Gabriella's ears began to stretch and elongate from her head, causing Viviana to step back in shock and clasp one hand over her mouth. The cursed warrior moaned as a tail wiggled its way out from under her armor.

"Is that... a donkey's tail?" Mimi said in a rather chipper tone, before collapsing into a fit of giggles. "Oh Gabriella, why'd you have to be such a hothead!"

"Mimi, this is no time for jokes!" Jacopo shouted, "Gabriella is in serious danger. I've never seen anything like this before!"

Almost exactly on cue, Gabriella's face extended and her legs misshaped into the hind legs of a common ass. "Please... Do something... Heeee-heeeelp meeeeehawwwww! Heehaww! Heehaww!"

Gabriella's panicked brays lasted into the night, until finally, her transformation was complete. Submitting to her fate, Gabriella let the party lead her from the Cavern of Crystal and back to the village, Gem of the Forest in tow. However, upon reaching the town, the party decided not to seek help for their hexed warrior. After all, a pack mule supplied with arrows and herbs was much more beneficial than an impatient warrior who could jeopardize the party at a moment's notice. In time, the group would return the jewel to their client, find a replacement warrior, and continue adventuring across the land... All with the help of their little carrier donkey, of course.


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